Clipmarks 3.0.0 is a browser plug-in that allows you to share clips in Internet
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Clipmarks 3.0.0 is a plug-in for IE, Firefox or Flock that allows you to share anything you find in Internet.
Clipmarks 3.0 lets you capture text, images or video, without copying and pasting links.

Once you "clip" something, you can share with others on the web, including Facebook, your blog, by email or on You can create a clip collection that will be searchable from any computer with an internet connection, including your iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobile device.

Clipmarks 3.0 adds a toolbar in IE or Firefox with six buttons:

To clip something, you must click on the green button. An orange square will surround the "clipable" portion of the page you´re viewing, you can adjust the selection to clip text, images or videos.

My Clipcast will bring you to your personal page in, that will have the address if you already have an account, or will ask you to obtain an account if you don´t. In that page you will be able to save your clipmarks, and everyone will be able to see them.

Popular Clipcast will show you other people´s Clipcast. My Clippers leads to an abandoned page. leads to that page. Facebook App will open the application that will allow you to publish your clipmarks in Facebook. Help will open the FAQ in

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  • It´s a free tool that lets you build a page with clips for everyone to see them


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